maandag 22 oktober 2012

Antwerp, 4.00 am Monday morning 22nd October 2012

Dear beer lover,
(Bar-owner, home-brewer, beer-blogger, or born –fan of the Holy-juice)

For my Belgian beer day project I need all of you to help me.
The idea is simple (a global toast involving beer-lovers worldwide celebrating the simple pleasure of having and enjoying a moment of shared rest and relaxation) and I am looking for people and Pub’s/bars (public places) to join us.

You all know (or most of you do) how to organize a party, so I can leave all those (hopefully crazy) initiatives in your hands. (Belgian snacks, live music, dress codes, pub crawls or whatever…)

One of the major things to make this day (/night) a yearly event around the world is that we get support of everybody involved in this branch.  Because I cannot do this alone, it is also up to you to get the people together for this event.

You can find a letter for breweries or importers, one article down in this Blog. Please feel free to post or mail it to any connection you have. (And let me know who you posted it to (put me in BCC ,please) 

All your Feedback is very important to succeed this unique global gathering of good hearts worldwide.

There are still 24 weeks to make this fest of camaraderie happen , and I truly believe that with joined efforts of everybody  involved, we CAN make this moment work.
I sincerely count on your cooperation in any way , just spread the word become a part of it ,and I am sure that any engagement small or big will give you a personal and  collective satisfaction based on a social sentiment we all know, living and sharing the precious time with people we feel confident by. 

I hope you send me a mail telling me what you are up to or whatever you dream about , just make sure that you leave the right coordinates’ .So,  I can reach you , get you into contact with other local participants  or make sure that promo’s, discounts  & any advantages find their way to your bar or event.

Cheers ,

Victor Zaidi


CHEERS & Thanks a lot

Please Mail to:  (any idea or proposal is so welcome) // www.belgianbeerweekend .com

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