maandag 22 oktober 2012

Antwerp 22 October 2012

Dear Brewer or Importer,

I am a 46 years  (young)  old Bar owner living in Belgium and trying to unite beer drinkers  worldwide in a global event to celebrate the Art of brewing, the joy of tasting this quality product, but also the friendship and camaraderie that the pleasure of this craft-product  brings to us, burgundy, life enjoying, Friendly Folks.

I want to organize this Belgian Beer day on the first weekend in April 2013. A global simultaneous Toast will be the main “moment supreme” of this day, a moment where we toast to the health of our fellow man where ever he or she may be , forgetting  all boundaries or seas  that separate us only geographically.

What am I asking of you? You can contribute in any way you like. I am gathering information of bars and breweries worldwide that are joining us and putting their effort in it as well. Your collaboration is absolutely and definitely needed to support this initiative.

See whatever you can do to support this (be creative), just realize, that your effort to bring the beer loving community worldwide closer together and accentuate its social importance, will be rewarded.
Please contact me to talk about your intentions or your views in this matter, and allow me to offer you the highest return (and even much more than that) that you and your organization or company can get, just by being an important part of a contributing and active Public community.

You guys have got the chance now, to involve yourselves in a project that will be a yearly event ,  and will be based on a direct communication,  between  Beer-consumers & lovers , over the home-or local brew-fans, to the diehard beer advocates, captains & geeks and everybody  with a passion for this craft and it’s social value.

Please feel free to contact me 24/7 to make this social event happen while the passion and interest are at its peek .

Thanks’ and just give it your most positive thought,
hope to hear you very soon.

My best regards

Victor Zaidi


CHEERS // www.belgianbeerweekend .com

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