vrijdag 6 september 2013

Bring The Record HOME - The Belgian RED DEVILS : The Final Challenge

The Belgian RED DEVILS : The Final Challenge


First a bit of history with success for First Portugal & later Japan & Last year in Boston USA

1 PORTUGAL  (Two times :Pop Concert/beach at midnight New Years Eve(using wine)

Cheers Albufeira Prospero Ano Novo as they say in the Algarve. I had the great pleasure of flying to sunny Portugal for New Year’s Eve for an attempt at the Guinness World Records® record for the most people toasting (wine glasses raised) at the same venue. They were trying to beat a record set a few months ago again in Portugal (in Oporto) who had an impressive 19,175 people raising their glasses.
This new attempt took place at midnight on Albufeira beach and was organised alongside a big pop concert and firework display.The organisers were the local tourism department and had arranged for an independent official public notary to count the 28,000 glasses they handed out and then count what glasses were not used during the record attempt.

Most of the evening was spent with us both pushing through the huge crowd of at least 40,000 very high spirited Portuguese people (and a handful of hardy British onlookers) to all the handing out points for the glasses - on the beach and in front of the stage as well as up and down an electric staircase to the cliffs above.

Midnight arrived quickly with thousands of people toasting in the new year and champagne flying everywhere followed by some great fireworks and the main band Madcon arriving on stage.

I then got to stroll to the centre of the stage with a microphone and after saying a loud 'happy new year Albufeira!' l announced to the thousands of cheering Portuguese record breakers that a new record had been set at 26,564 wine glasses raised.
Tumultuous applause and cheering followed as I handed the certificate over to the mayor of Albufeira and the whole town partied long into the night.
Michael Whitty
5 January 2010

2 JAPAN Base Ball ( using different drinks)

The largest toast was achieved by 27,126 participants and was organized by Tokyo Motto Genkini (Japan) at Meiji Jingu Stadium, Tokyo, Japan, on 26 June 2010.
The record attempt was done during the Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs Hashin Tigers baseball game. Among 27,789 who came to the stadium, 27,546 were in the seating area when the record attempt happened, and 27,126 people participated in the toast. More than 300 supervisors counted the partcipants.
On 26 June 2010, Guinness World Records™ was invited to the Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs Hanshin Tigers baseball game at Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo to officially certify the largest toast at a single venue.

The event was organised by the ‘Tokyo Motto Genkini’ project whose aim was to cheer up people in Tokyo in the recession.  More than 28,000 drinks and glasses were handed out to the crowd at the entrance and more than 300 staff were arranged to stand by in the seating area to count the actual participants.
The record attempt happened after the fifth inning.  The former professional wrestler Antonio Inoki conducted the crowd to raise the glasses and say ‘Kanpai!’ (Cheers!) in unison.

Among 27,789 who came to the stadium, 27,126  people were counted to have participated in the toast.  Guinness World Records™ adjudicator Kaoru Ishikawa verified the record attempt and announced the new world record after the seventh inning.  The crowd cheered as the scoreboard screen showed the certificate presentation to Mr Inoki.

It was a happy day for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows fans. The team beat Hanshin Tigers  4-2. Kaoru Ishikawa
12 July 2010          

3 USA Boston 100 years Red Sox Stadium(using Limonade )

The largest toast at a single venue consisted of 32,904 participants organized by the Boston Red Sox to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 20 April 2012.
The toast was led by former Red Sox players Pedro Martinez and Kevin Millar, and occurred in a pregame ceremony before the Red Sox hosted the New York Yankees. Welch's brand provided 40,000 cans of sparkling grape juice and plastic cups to assist in the attempt.

......     BUT isn’t it the time to:

Bring The Record HOME

In 2013 , In Brussels Belgium ,
and in October

A celebration "could" be at it's place

On A Holy Day, On OCTOBER15, 2013.
Just before the kickoff of the latest Qualifying Game of The Belgian National Soccer Team

THIS RECORD will be Challenged By The BELGIANS 

& will be drunk with Belgian Beer On October 15 2013.

 more than 40.000 people will try to BREAK THAT RECORD 

they will try to Toast & drink together in Brussels

Celebrating and honoring  the Quality and Tradition
of ALL The Belgian Beers,
and the Craftsmanship provided by all these Families 
and all  their workers for more than 750 years now.

 Because living and playing Football  together
 Is enjoying & singing & Drinking together

And…to be honest….

A World Record about Toasting & drinking Beer,

That just belongs in Belgium,

That just Belongs right …  Here.


More info About the Coming Belgian & Craft Beer Events