zaterdag 15 september 2012

 One , Two Three CHEERS

woensdag 5 september 2012

The Belgian Beer Day worldwide will be a
creation of all BEERLOVERS worldwide.
Your ideas and feedback will be essential
to make this global event a celebration of the simple
tradition of drinking and living together,
into a worldwide succes
Thank You & CHEERS


 started on 29 August

A Belgian Beer Day Worldwide
===>The concept

(for now,... because all opinons must be heared)

On a Saturday in April or May 2013 during the first Belgian Beer Weekend worldwide (With special actions & specials on Belgian beer in pubs and restaurants worldwide) we will toast on the first Belgian Beer Day worldwide.

In all the bars, breweries and restaurants worldwide that serve Belgian and Craft Beer this toast will be, a celebration of, and a tribute to, the patience and true craftmanship to create a true "Taste of Life"
bringing all of us together.

On that Day and Time, BeerLovers on different continents will Toast, and simultaneously drink to, and on, each others Health
and will do that every year from that day on