woensdag 20 maart 2013

UPDATE BELGIAN BEERDAY , please subscribe a venue

So from now on, I will give an update as soon as new things or important evaluations happen considering Belgian Beer Day. (or other things) So Where are we now In The USA ( 50% of the followers ) There are venues in different states and I think that in New York and other cities venues will sign up as soon as the press will mention the happening. Positive is the cooperation with a couple of huge Craft beer festivals in Florida, Texas and also in Canada ( 10 % of the followers) near Vancouver the Okanagan Fest of Ale is also an official participant of the international toast on April 6th . Than in Belgium the beer-club of Ghent has confirmed their cooperation. Antwerp has got their posters up and in Bruges people will get more posters after they started collecting them earlier this week . A press conference will be held as soon as a couple of practical issues will be solved. (due to the global(time) differences ) . In the UK, London has almost ten venues and more northern we have Leeds . Cyprus is present , Holland signed in their first venue today In China we have The Belgian Beer monument BEERMANIA in Beijing . Do not hesitate to join the fun its a simple toast (or more if you want) ; This weekend, the Beers and breweries I personally selected will be announced, so you will have a clear insight In WHO MY personal and completely subjective favorite PEOPLE are to work with. Those are the NICE people and breweries whom I worked with.in a positive way for more than 25 years as a bar owner and event organizer. the site will get more stories and things to know, there will be more video's and even a live bar at moments , ^please come in. This is the first year of the event and I set it up from much less than scratch. Since my last birthday on august 29 when I started the belgianbeerday twitter account I discovered a whole new world. As a beer-lover and bar-person I had a social life in my bar, but the life here on the internet was completely new to me . I soon discovered that there was a conversation going on . and not the bla-bla ,chit-chat that you nod to, but hardly listen to. But a community that was discussing the subjects that you (and me)were interested in. you could choose , there was openness and real freedom of speech. And if saw .the impact of your great interest and the surprising amount of people that interacted I knew there were opportunities to start all over. And just like in my starting years I found power in every small positive thing that happened on the way. Even When , all was going against me and I lost some loved ones earlier this month, I felt that I was gonna come back and work even harder, knowing that that was the way they would wanna see me go. I am very thankful to all of you out there for being patient and not putting me under any pressure. You kept on following me and together with the amount of followers my will to succeed grew as well . It means much to me that I am able to listen to you and your conversations or to feel how you react on some of my tweets. It gives me the feeling to belonging somewhere again. It gives me the the drive to make things happen , together with you for you and side by side with you. And like I said : THIS is YEAR #1 a lot of things have to be, and shall be improved, But for the most important thing "Making this happen and working on a solid base for the coming events ,charities and who knows what ... I can only thank YOU , Not only for the personal support I had from a couple of you earlier this month but in general for your presence and reactions, for you RT's and DM's . And now, in the last straight line to the first event it is nice to see that, as I came in as a stranger with a confused plan and a crazy dream, my belief grows daily that we will get there step by step . With 17 days to go,we're not there yet , the clock is ticking but it can be done, What all unites us is a social & simple thing , it's the love for beer. The passion for the craft in making it, or the joy of tasting it , as long as we do it with our heart & soul and as long as we can share our thoughts and opinions with each other we can't go wrong. Many thanks again to you all to get involved, please toast with us in any way you want . Keep enjoying those lovely beers remember there's loads of love in every cheers please drink carefully and please live long. as soon as were together we are super-strong cheers Vic